Tuesday, October 6, 2009

View from the Front

Just pictures today. Steve was TC for a recent patrol and got these neat pictures. Mud bricks drying in the sun and some of the mud brick buildings.

The vendors in the downtown area sell oranges and many watermellons.
It seems that every roundabout in Mazar e Shariff has a different and bizarre motiff. The next one past the globe(above) is one that looks like a birthday cake with large plastic candles. There are others with large bronze statues or space age structures in the middle. At times you may see people napping in the grass or even a herd of goats eating the well watered grass.
The return trip gave a great view of the desert area south of town heading towards the mountains(lower left). The center picture points out the size difference of the road, an MRAP and your average donkey cart. The far right picture is a naan vendor.

The Afghan have many needs and lack many things we would list as necessities, but overall they are still happy and friendly.

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