Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Some days I am limited to office work. Other days I spend all day travelling. Then there are days like today when I do many different tasks in one day.

Mentor- Today we went downtown to meet with our ANP Counterparts in their clinic. We had the usual niceties and discussion of how well our families are doing. Then we went through our list of discussion topics. Our counterparts were very gracious and gave us some Baklava which they pronounce Baghlava. No matter how you pronounce it, the Shirini (sweets) were good. We had such a good time that I made it to the mythical 3rd cup of chai, which indicates a good and lasting relationship. We continue to make progress and pass useful information.

Contractor- Today I supervised an engineering site assessment for my counterparts clinic. I know nothing about Engineering; so I delegated, or subcontracted as much as possible. I had one soldier(airman) investigate the electrical system of our counterpart's clinic to see if we can assist with their power difficulties. I had another soldier(airman) take down grid coordinates from a GPS to see if a planned larger clinic will fit in his current site. It all went well and I got all the information that was needed. Perhaps we will now be able to build a new facility or at least upgrade the capabilities of the current one.

Soldier- Of course I carried the usual total 88 lbs of gear: weapons, armor and and medical equipment. We(my gear and I) went up stairs, in and out of vehicles, in and out of various doorways. The most challenging and fun was maneuvering through crowds of children who thought I might have candy to distribute.

Doctor- I actually did some physician business today. I consulted on a case with my mentee while visiting him. I brought up the topic of overprescription of antibiotics which is one of my favorite topics in any country. We had a short discussion with no resolution, but an exchange of points of view on the subject. I am confident the patient will be fine in either case.

MRAP crew member- I once again rode in the front seat. I won't really claim that I did too much in this regard, but I did utilized the communications equipment and even sent a message to the command center. Otherwise I made sure the passengers were strapped in tight and the doors were locked. I also had the honor to walk in front of the MRAP as we entered the various compounds and guided them safely to a parking area.

Courier- We picked up some medications for a patient with a severe illness at the nearby hospital. It was a vital, but not too demanding a task. I got the box, verified the medicines, and transported them from one base to another in a door to door fashion. Hopefully they will be of benefit to the patient.
Thats about it for today. For some reason I feel a little worn out. I hope you all have a safe and fruitful All Saints Day as well.

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