Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spann Nostalgia

It was on New Year's Day when I truly realized it is time to start heading home. While I am reassured that I have contributed in some small way to the progress of Afghanistan, it is difficult to leave with some projects half done. Luckily the military is a team sport. In this case a relay team sport. I have turned over all my projects and information to the new member of the team. I have passed the baton . There remains much more to be done for medical support of the police in this region, but I know the team will make tremendous progress this next year. I am ready to return home to my family, co-workers and patients.

So while I am thrilled with the prospect of going home, I felt a certain amount of nostalgia as I walked around Camp Spann today. Some of these memories are pleasant and will be easily remember. I ate my last dinner in the chow hall. I wrote my last blog entry in the MWR computer room. I made my last stop in the Chapel to say goodbye. The view of the mountains in the distance is alway relaxing as well.

There is also another group of memories that I might choose to forget. My feet will not miss the huge rocks that make up the gravel
all around camp. Be thankful I only am displaying a picture of the port-a-potty from the outside. They most certainly will not be missed.

So I today I present to you a collage of the more mundane aspects of life on Camp Spann.

The doves are still nesting every night at the bath house near my hut.


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  2. mayerlancek@aol.comJanuary 7, 2010 at 10:19 AM

    Doctor, you 'done good.'