Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leishmaniasis Part II

Some of you may remember my post from approximately 1 month ago. Well, Chad has finished his one month of almost daily injections into the site of his cutaneous leishmaniasis. You may be able to identify the leg and running shoes. His wound looks much better, although it still has some thickening of the skin (induration in medical jargon). At this point he will be observed for relapse or a need for further injections. I have heard that one or two soldiers out of the dozen affected by this disease recently had to be evacuated to Walter Reed for treatment of their leishmaniasis with IV medication. But the worst appears to be over for Chad.

It is the Christmas Season, even in Afghanistan. A few of us hardy and cheerful folk met last night to sing Christmas Carols at the entrance to the Chow Hall for about an hour. It was good a good time and actually a lot of fun. After practicing a while outside we got brave enough to go in and sing a few songs in each dining area. I am sure there will be a repeat performance for those of you who missed it. While Afghanistan may not be our home, for those with the desire, it can still be a place of fellowship and fun during this Holy Season.

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