Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Clinic Open

For those of you who have been following all along you may remember my post from 17 August. In that post I showed you an ANP clinic which was still under construction. Well, yesterday we visited the same clinic and it is now open and operational. Our Afghan counterparts were very creative in furnishing and outfitting the clinic until a package of goods arrives from Kabul to fully equip and stock it.

There are still a few minor issues to be resolved, but this clinic is a significant step up in facilities for them. It is new. It has running water. It has a continuous power source. It has heat and air conditioning. The staff who will be running the clinic were kind enough to pose outside of it. I am almost shocked that it only took four months to get this clinic completed and operational. While this may seem like slow progress by our standards, it is light speed for Afghanistan.

Time has a different quality here. In this land, Alexander the Great came into town 'sometime yesterday'. There is a common saying here; "You may have watches, but we have Time". Many Americans will interpret this as laziness, but it is more a cultural acceptance of the limits of time. I am just glad that I could actually see one more milestone achieved during my time here.

This was probably my last mission "Outside the Wire". My replacement is here and the team will have to press forward with our many other projects without me.

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