Friday, April 17, 2009

Afghan Cultural Meal

Last night (shab gushashta) we had a group afhgan cultural meal. The afghans who work with our training command put together a meal from fixings found in the chow hall. The purpose of the meal was to educate us on how to eat afghan style, with our fingers while seated on the floor. My son would not require any special instruction to accomplish this, but I had to practice. The curry chicken and rice was just the right blend of spices. The salate had a nice amount of cilantro, tomatoes, onions and greens. We were shown the proper method is to ball up and load the rice onto your index, middle and ring fingers in a trough, then use your thumb to piston the rice into your mouth. Luckily they did not count off for being messy.

I am going to take additional Dari classes at night next week.

9:00 pm- no ba-ja shab
children- tefelhaa
chaap - left
raast - right
ru buru - straight ahead
zood zood or zoodsho - quickly


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  2. Neal - Trish sent the link - am so glad you're doing this - am finding it fascinating already - you need anything, you yell -
    Bill and Sue