Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best Force Protection for an Advisor

What is the best F0rce Protection tool for those of us who are going to Afghanistan as Military Advisors?

A. 9mm pistol

B. 50 caliber machinegun

C. Body Armor with ESAPI plates

D. Chai

The correct answer is D. According to our instructors, the best Force Protection measure for those of us who may be out and about to interact with our Afghan counterparts is a good rapport with the Afghans. Drink some chai (tea) engage in some lengthy conversations of small talk extensively first and foremost. Serious business is only addressed later at subsequent meetings. This is stressed so much that we practice meetings with real afghans with interpreters present. Our teams participants tonight did well, no soles of feet showing, no rambling, no thumbs up. It went very well. This is the first installment of these meetings and it was quite entertaining. I can only hope that the real deal goes as well.

The picture is of the Actor Commander Ibrahim asking if our team has been able to contact our families since our 'arrival' to his country.

But don't get me wrong, I intend to be proficient in all of the above prior to leaving Ft Riley.


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  2. Read all your posts, Doc. Thank you for your service to our nation. Be safe.

    The more you know the better, although to an old war dog, the warrior skills seem a higher priority than the social skills. The only time I was with a CAP unit of sorts (1 month) they cut the wires to all our claymores. Maybe we could have used the social skills after all.

    I believe that being lucky is damn important. Be lucky and return home safely Doc.

    Semper Fi,