Friday, April 24, 2009

Combat Lifesaver

Sorry no cool pictures this post.

We spent the last two days going through the mandatory Combat Lifesaver Course. Most units designate a Combat LifeSaver (CSL) per fire team or squad. Everyone on an embedded training team, however, must successfully complete this training.

We had a fair amount of class/powerpoint, with opportunity for hands on training. We did do IV's on each other in class. There were a few live demostrations done with volunteers. After the first group of volunteers had Naso-Pharyngeal Airways shoved all the way up there noses the volunteerism dropped drastically. We still have to complete the simulated combat portion, but that will be later in the training. The training was good for all personnel going over tourniquets, dressings, IV's and other immediate actions to include the procedures for calling a MEDEVAC of casualties. Since our Navy teams are all providers or medically related, it was review for the most part. Our few soldiers who are part of our Navy team made it clear that if someone is injured they are going to still just shout "MEDIC"!

I did get a cool CSL bag. Now I just need to figure out where to fit that along with the other 4 seabags full of stuff the Army has provided.

A special greetings to my Brother Rats of VMI class of 1989 who are enjoying our 20 year reunion. I wish I was with you now, BR's. I will, however, uphold VMI tradition as we go to our Saturday classes here at Camp Funston.


  1. back at you. we'll be sure honor you well.

    we didn't get to do the NOSE HOSE in DMOC. i felt cheated.

  2. BR,

    Missed you at the reunion this past weekend. However, we'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers over the next year. Good luck and Godspeed.


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