Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time with My Family

In Afghanistan your family is one if not the most important thing in your life. I dare say it is one thing the Afghan culture and I share.

Thankfully I am guessing due to the influx of soldiers and Marines inbound to Afghanistan, our departure date got pushed back a bit, allowing me to spend more time with my family. We took the opportunity to spend more up close family time while on vacation. In the past we have taken train vacations, but this time we decided to take a short cruise to the Bahamas. There was plenty of up close time as the four of us stayed in a room smaller than any bedroom in our house for four days. It was lots of fun. While we did not make it to any of the late shows, we did go on excursions to snorkel at both ports. The kids did very well on both and had a great time rediscovering the magic of the ocean. My son,Graham, even took some pictures. I just always enjoy getting in the water, but it was even more fun for me to observe Hannah and Graham enjoying the ocean as much as I do.

Only a few days left and then I will have to make due with emails and phone calls to my favorite people until next year.


  1. It was fun to read through your blog and reminisce about my days at FT Riley. I assume you are heading up to MES for the next 6 months. Good luck. I hope you enjoy your last few days back home before you start the trek out here to Afghanistan. Take care.

  2. Brother Rat:

    Good luck, and I hopr to see you out there. (And maybe you'll see the Duke of Duxbury too.) You've done a great job chronicling your prep; I've enjoyed every word.


    jpp 89