Monday, June 29, 2009

Farewell to Funston

This will be my last post from the USA until my return. Our training area, Camp Funston, is a veritable ghost town, as several of the subsequent classes were downscaled and the training mission is moving from Fort Riley to Fort Polk LA.

Packing is always a chore when you are travelling. It is even more of a chore with all the stuff we are to take with us. It is similiar to the challenge I face daily back in clinic, when patients have a gallons worth of concerning medical issues and I only have a quarts worth of time. Which bag to put the body armor in, where and how many M-4 magazines in a bag? All the usual quandries. Well despite the fact that I have a large medical Blackhawk bag I was able to fit my stuff in the alloted quota. I am taking an astonishing 4 seabags, a rucksack, a day pack, and a gun case.
Contrast this incredible amount of gear to my gear allowance during Desert Sheild/Storm which was 1 Seabag and 1 pack. Wow.
The hills and plains look especially green today. Ours is a country blessed by God with abundant resources and water. It will be cold and bare by the time of my expected return.

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  1. Doc
    I've been following your preparations after being introduced to you by your buddies at OpFor. Thank you for your service and for your family and their support. You and your family will be in my prayers.