Monday, September 7, 2009

The Bird of Peace

In this land that has seen so much conflict there is very little in the way of wildlife. I am sure that the harsh environment also limits what can be supported off this rugged land. Other than some grasshoppers and spiders, it seems that little else exists here.

The notable exception is the Dove. Yes there are pairs of doves all over the camp. Nesting in the bathroom gables, flying about the camp in search of food. I guess they eat the grasshoppers. You can hear them cooing from early morning until late at night. They seem to thrive in this otherwise desolate area.
The Bible mentions the dove over 50 times. Many times it is mentioned as a sacrifice. We first hear of the dove as Noah's scout for dry land. Perhaps the first amphibious landing? The dove is described as innocent and cautious. It is used symbolically when Our Lord Jesus rose out of the water from his baptism the Holy Spirit settled on him like a dove; the bird of peace and the Prince of Peace together.
I like the symbolism of the dove as the bird of peace. In this land that has seen so many years of conflict and strive, a little peace could go a long way. So let us hope that the flock of doves that is thriving in our military camp with all the trappings and machinery of war is a sign of things to come.
I do hope that all of you back in the States had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend. We all wish we could be there with you.

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