Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Good Day

Yes. Today was a Good Day.
A picture of our team: Dean our interpreter, Me and Steve.

We made a trip to visit our Afghan Police counterparts in their downtown clinic today. We had a good visit with them, making progress on several issues. I have hopes that several of these projects will even be completed before my time to return home arrives. If even one of these projects is completed it would be a astounding. It would be like melting a glacier with a lighter; possible but it rarely happens. Here in Afghanistan time is not measured with watches.
I impressed myself thoroughly at being able to read the sign, which says tashnab- or bathroom. Thankfully I did not need to use it since it was locked at the time.
The ride was as serene as possible with a young PFC driving a huge MRAP. I was able to see some picturesque sights, but I wasn't fast enough with my camera for all of them. There were long lines of camel caravans. Every now and then there were children playing around houses and open lots. I observed young men taking naps on manicured grass in one roundabout along the way. There were the obligatory goat herds, sheep herds and donkey carts. In many spots along our route there were entire fields of mud and straw bricks drying in the sun. Then of course there were the markets with huge watermelons and lots of other fruits for sale. It was a nice trip and a beautiful day. I don't even think I broke a sweat today.
After getting back to our office I had another nice suprise. Construction is about to start on a huge clinic which will be located about 5 miles out in the desert. I was able after conferring with my Afghan friends to contact Headquarters and at least get the project on hold until we can determine if this is the best spot to put it. I think we will be able to get it moved so that it can even be accesible to the people it will be built to serve!
Score one for reason, sanity and a responsive Headquarters.
Like I wrote at the beginning, it was a Good Day.

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