Monday, September 21, 2009

Hornet Bane

Today was noteworthy for the stalwart performance of the vector control guy. We have been trying since our arrival at Camp Spann to get the large asian hornets out of the shipping container which we use for storage (CONEX). We move things around, put things in, or take things out of the CONEX as our mission directs. The hornets are not amused by our moving and stomping around. Luckily we were not stung. Since we cannot get any insecticide spray from our supply we have to contact KBR. Today put an end to our uninvited guests. The KBR vector control guy was very friendly as I walked him out to our infested CONEX. He sounded less than impressed when I initially discussed the problem. I guess I can understand why as he described the 6 foot cobra he caught at a nearby camp. He had a can of industrial insect poison in his hand. We opened the CONEX and he bent down to look at the nest. He quickly stood up using some forceful language and said he was going to get more 'ammo'. He came back with two more cans and a stick. Since he was a professional I decided to watch from a discreet distance and voice support. He expertly emptied the cans in the 'gunslinger' method and continued to spray with the third as he used the stick to knock out the next. It was the size of a dinner plate. I'll check back in a few days to make sure that all the guests have left our area.

In unrelated news tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox. A sure sign that winter is approaching.

Rain; there was rain last night. As I was leaving the 'latrine' last night I felt some wet drops hit my head and arm. My first thought was to look up and see if there were any doves out to get me. Lo and behold it was not dove excretia, but actual drops of water which fall from the sky. Granted it was not a deluge, but the 2-3 minutes of sprinkling rain we had was the first I had witnessed since leaving the US in July.

Finally, while talking on the phone with Tricia last night I saw a shooting star. I did make a wish.

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