Sunday, May 17, 2009

Continued Training

We spent time in classes on Wednesday- Law of Warfare, generic rules of engagement.

Thursday we spent in classes on Call for Fire and Air support. The photo is a shot of the screen that was our practical exercise trainer. It will be a very bad day indeed when medical folks are needed to call in and direct Close Air Support.

Friday was detainee and site exploitation day. Detainees are pretty self explanatory. Site Exploitation is the collection of contraband and evidence to eventually convict detainees. We had a practical exercise in the full battle rattle with actors playing in various roles as Afghan Army soldiers, suspects to be tactically questioned, and a compound to be searched in very finite period of time. I had a small team to seach and catalogue the contraband in the house. The Observer/controllers were impressed how rapidly and methodically we searched and catalogued the gear in the house. He asked which intelligence group we were with. He was suprised when we revealed that we are Medical. It was good training, and it is possible that I might participate in something similiar downrange, but I would like to think that as Medical folks we will be employed in more the hearts and minds category of work.

Unexpectedly I met up with one of my VMI classmates, Kent Doane, who is in the training class ahead of me. He is in the Guard now. Last night he and I went to a backyard neighborhood social with another Brother Rat, Paul Mele- who is CO of an Apache BN here at Ft Riley. It was good to catch up with them and the goings-on at our 20th reunion.

Thank you to those of you who are leaving comments and feedback. That will be even more critical as I make to transition from training to boots on the ground.


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  2. calling in CAS, yes, a little far-fetched. calling in a CASEVAC? much more likely!