Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SRM-Reflex Shooting Range

Today was another productive day at the Range. Since most shots are fired at less than 50 meters in our current conflicts, the Army has instituted training to accomplish this Short Range Marksmanship. Since repetition builds reflexes.

To the credit of the Army instructors and safety coaches, there was plenty of explanation and dry drills prior to actually putting rounds in the chambers. All shots were in the double tap- or controlled pair- mode.

The first set of firing was at the ready position with the M-4. On command we fired at targets from 5 to 25 meters away. We fired from facing full on, but started in many different facing positions: facing full- on, facing sideways right, facing sideways left, and facing backwards positions. There was also firing on the move while closing with targets.

The second course of fire had us transitioning from our M-4 Carbine to our M-9 pistol and back (double taps at pop up targets) switching magazines until all of our magazines were empty. I found I did much better with the M-9 doing these transitions, than I did at the regular range. I counted at least 15 transitions.

There was also a short course of fire for fire control. There were different colored shapes on the targets. As the tower called off a shape or color- we were to double tap until our magazines were empty. They called out several combinations at one time.

The stress course of fire was last. From the prone we ran 50 meters with a cleared and safe M-4's into a building. We had to shoot from one window- 2 sets of double taps, then trade with our battle buddies to the other window-where you had to shoot with your other (nondominant) hand. We then jogged to some barriers and had to shoot regular x2 doubles off one side of the barrier, then switch hands again to shoot nondominant. Finally we finished up with a jog to an old vehicle and shot braced from the hood. All the while the staff were setting off flash-bangs, smoke grenades, shouting and running sirens and whistles.

Very good reflex shooting training and great confidence training. 170 rounds downrange per person. No incidents with safety. A good day all around. I know folks who would pay good money for such and experience on a private range.


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