Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Machine Guns and Foreign Weapons

We were assigned radios, HMMWV's, and crew served weapons this morning.

The afternoon was spent going over the 240G, 249 SAW, and M2(50 cal) machine guns. We had to demonstrate competency in clearing, firing, and assembly/disassembly of these automatic weapons. It has been a long time since I had to set headspace and timing on a 50 cal. We also went over the AK-47, the RPK and PKM machineguns, and the Dragunov sniper rifle with scope. Assembly and disassembly of these were not required, but was so easy I did them a few times each. It is clear why the AK is so ubiquitous and hardy compared to our complex but longer range weapons. Unfortunately no range time with the Russian type weapons. The optics and thermal imaging devices were kind of difficult to follow. More to follow as we shoot the US Machine guns day and night this week

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