Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enroute to Final Destination

It has been a very long 2 days which have actually been one super- long one. After 13 hours in the air (3 additional hours in the plane waiting on the ground) and 5 hours convoying ( 4 additional hours waiting in vehicles) amd other unaccounted for hours waiting in the Air Terminals, we are at an intermediary stop camp enroute. We have loaded or unloaded and sorted our seabags and other gear 6 times so far. The ones with the Body Armor in them are especially heavy.

Many thanks to the cheerful USO folks who are working hard to get many of us access to home.

We did some last minute MRAP rollover training, for which we were all pretty wiped out and jet lagged. You certainly can get strapped in tight to the MRAP seats.

The other big news is the weather- Sandstorms! I have been in Deserts with heat before but this is the next level. Several of us strongly considered turning around instead of pressing on to the chow hall for lunch. The chow was well worth it though. The heat is similiar to opening the oven when you are putting in a big turkey, except you cannot close the door, the wind is whipping, and unless you have goggles on constantly wiping stuff out of your eyes. The weird twilight level of lighting adds to the feeling of something is not quite right.

Hopefully we will not spend too much time here before we move on.

I would like to pass on best Birthday wishes to my Son Graham. I really wish I could be there with you.

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