Monday, August 17, 2009

New Clinic

Two days ago we took a little trip to meet with our counterparts at the ANP Regional level. The main purpose of the visit was to tour and get an understanding about how the new ANP Regional HQ clinic would be used. The building is new, nice with adequate facilities. It is a great improvement over their current situation. We will be working very closely with the Regional Medical Director (far right) and his staff to get them situated in this new facility. We also had a great meeting afterwards and worked through various

issues with ambulances, medical training, logistics and much more. Afterwards we also visited with the clinic on the ANP recruit training center and gave a class on hypertension diagnosis and treatment. Much like our first set of encounters with the ANP Medical folks, the meetings were cordial, productive and appreciated. Perhaps in a few months I can show you how the clinic looks when it is in use. Another productive day doing the job I was actually sent here to accomplish. Yeah.


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  2. Good work. Besides the short term benefits, this sort of thing will lead to the longterm relationships that will help keep this troubled part of the world peaceful and productive.

    Paul Hirsch