Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quiz and Waffles

T0days topic is Morale. There are many programs used to keep spirits up around here. The Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) committees on all Armed Forces facilities have many opportunities for troops to get together to have a little fun. Our MWR has video game, dominoes, chess, basketball, spades and other tourniments frequently. The gyms on the camp are also funded in part by MWR. One truly multinational MWR event on our Camp is 'Quiz and Waffles Night'

Camp Spann is essentially split into a US (ARSIC) and OMLT (NATO) side. The NATO side is populated by soldiers from the various NATO countries who are mentoring ANA units throughout the northern region. We eat in the same chow hall and use the same gyms, but otherwise there isn't a whole lot of interaction.

Quiz and Waffles is held on the OMLT side of the camp, where US forces are rarely authorized to go. The concept for Quiz and Waffles is simple. The losing team from last week makes a quiz for the next week and comes early to make waffles for all who attend. Teams are chosen ad hoc and usually do better if there is at least one European member. The quizzes have covered everything from Billboard top 100 songs, to Michael Jackson trivia, national capitals, history, medical topics etc. It is a great opportunity to get together with folks you don't normally see to talk and get to know them. The waffles are great as well. They are made from a sweet batter Norweigan recipe that results in a waffle similiar to the picture which does not need syrup. There is some interesting brown Norweigan cheese which tastes slightly of nuts or some jam to put on as a topping. It seems like the event is primarily a German, US, Norweigan, Swede and Croat endeavor. Thankfully my team has done well both times I have attended, so I will be eating waffles next week instead of making them.

A hearty thanks to our NATO allies for sponsoring this fun and wholesome get together.

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  1. I'm reading your entire blog and I am really enjoying it. My very long time best friend (since we were 15) is currently sitting at Bagram waiting for transport to Camp Spann.

    He'll (Strader) be responsible for those getting those nifty packages from home to everyone who loves receiving them.

    It REALLY helps to find out what life is like there for those of us left here at home, so thanks again for writing this. I know that it is primarily something that you write for friends and family but there are many who will be thankful for the info. I know I am.

    P.S. You should TOTALLY pick him to be on your waffle team. He is a literal dictonary of weird and random facts.