Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Range is Hot

It seems that I hear a lot about the range from our loudspeaker system on Camp. It is either "hot' and people are shooting on it or it is 'cold' and firing has now ceased. The announcements can come day or night at any hour. With all of the Afghan and Coalition forces training it gets used a good bit. Well today I got to make the range hot.

Today was our day on the range. It was a little bit of a hassle to arrange everything, but I finally got out to zero my sights again. The wind and dust made it a little challenging. I found that the scope on my M-4 was off, but the old iron sights were right on target. I spent a lot of time monitoring the safety of the range, but it was still fun. There were so few of us that we were able to fire a lot of rounds in many different positions. A good day all around. Luckily we brought our own boxes to use as targets. Some of them were literally blown in two by the time we were done. Hopefully these will be the only shots I will fire in Afghanistan.
Now to spend all of Jumaa cleaning.

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