Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arrival in Afghanistan,

Yesterday we made it in country,
I had a little bit of a view for a short time on the flight. I could see coastline below.

In a bit of clique coincidence while we were walking off the flight line, 2 ambulances arrived to deposit their passengers onto a waiting aircraft, probably headed back to Germany. It served as a solemn reminder of what can happen in this country. I also heard my first two explosions within my first 6 hours in country. Sure they were announce overhead as 'controlled detonations' which I assumes meant mines, but it is still a little disconcerting to have explosions wake you up from a nap. These middle of the night flights are going to mess up my sleep for quite a while

Here we are surrounded by jagged tall mountains. To the north and south you can see snow on the peaks. It has a daytime haze much like Denver. It is quite warm in the afternoons and comfortable at night.
We are currently in a 120 person tent, but with only about 80 inhabitants. Luckily there is internet available, but with this many folks, time is limited. There are showers and latrines. I wish we had some laundry access.
There is a ton of construction going on all over. Large construction trucks almost outnumber the HMMVS and MRAPS.
Hopefully we will only be here for a day or two, but military transportation is a fickle thing.

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