Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Success with First Mentoring Contact

I have been out at a nearby training facility for the past few days. Ostensibly we went there to provide follow on immunizations for ANP recruits, but I knew better.

After just a little effort we were able to find the ANP clinic on the camp. It was a small but well stocked and set up space. My interpreter and I had a very cordial visit with the Dr and his assistant. By the end of the meeting the Afghan medic agreed to assist us drawing up the immunizations that night and both of them participated in the immunization process for the entire time the following day. I was able to spend 3 more hours teaching them on almost a one on one basis- going over some pharmacology based on their medications on hand and trauma bandaging. They were extremely appreciative and by the end of our time there they agreed that they plan to take over running the immunizations for their recruits after a walk through with us next time. We also came up with a training plan for my next visit. I must say that during the teaching I have never had a more attentive and interested audience. They were taking notes constantly so as not to miss anything. It felt really good to do the actual mission I was sent here to perform. I look forward to my next chance to work with the Afghan medical professionals of the ANP.


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