Thursday, July 30, 2009

Police Training Surge

Elections are coming in about three weeks here in Afghanistan. That means potential problems with increased insurgent activity until then. While there are a good many Afghan National Police (ANP) already on post in every district in this country, we are still well short of the final recruitment goals for this force.

In response the Ministry Of the Interior (MOI) who controls the ANP has stepped up the training cycles until just before the elections and the start of Ramadan. In some instances the training has been curtailed from 13 weeks long to just 2 weeks in order to get folks out "on the street" where they may be needed very soon. This also means that our team will be in high demand for the next few weeks to assist with the inprocessing at five different training sites in our region. It is not clear to me if these officers will be recalled to complete the remainder of the training. I am encouraged by the fact that a need to bolster the forces of the police was identified ahead of time to allow for a pro-active response, not a reactive response when things go bad. The ability to plan ahead is one of the key and defining processes that indicate an organization is squared away

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