Friday, July 10, 2009

Learning New Skills

I have a lot of down time right now as we wait for the next flight to my final destination.

I have learned many new things working with the Army and going through the Advisor Training. I also got to review some things from my past as well. One new skill which I now consider myself fairly proficient in performing is the role of baggage handler. Yes it is a little know fact how much of our time travelling into the theater of operations here is spend loading, unloading, piling, and sorting our baggage. I have already discussed the crazy amount of gear we are taking- 4 seabags, a full sized pack, a carry on pack and a gun case. Well multiply that times 25 Navy personnel in our training class and many flights. I count we have loaded or unloaded our gear 16 times so far. While I would not consider myself proficient at building pallets of gear to fly, I have participated in that as well. So at least I can work as a Sky Cap if this medicine career doesn't work out.

On a more serious note we bid farewell to our training buddies yesterday and today. The 25 of us trained together at Ft Riley for 2.5 months. Now we are being spread out to 3 different locations across the country and 6 different mission units. Godspeed and Safety to you Shipmates!

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